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Dr. Dinesh Garg
MD, FMRF, MAMS, FICS, VR (FellowUK) Consultant Ophthalmologist Vitreo-Retinal Specialist

Ex-Professor of Ophthalmology, DMC&H, Ludhiana Fellow, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai Retina Fellow, Tennent Inst. Of Ophthal., Glasgow (UK)

The world would be a dark hole to live in, had it not been people like Dr. Dinesh Garg who make our vision crystal clear by relentlessly working through the day. Dr. Dinesh Garg, an Eye Surgeon Professionals & Vitreo-Retinal Specialist, commenced his own consultancy and Surgical centre, called Advanced centre For Eyes (A Retina Superspeciality Eye Institute or Eye Care Hospital) in Ludhiana(India). One of the best eye surgeons or Eye Specialist in the region, Dr Dinesh Garg has helped and guided a huge number of patients in his more than 25 years long career.

Ophthalmology is his passion. After working in Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), Ludhiana for 17 years, the Advanced centre For Eyes was culminated.

Our ability to see the world around us dramatically affects the quality of our lives. This Speciality centre lays prime focus on Retina Surgery. To preserve the gift of sight, periodic eye examinations are quite essential. Advanced centre for Eyes offers routine evaluations and performs complex microsurgeries.

A Specialized Ophthalmology Centre in India

In the real sense, millions of Indians, including children, are annually diagnosed with refractive errors. The severity differs, but reality reveals an escalating necessity for eye contacts, eyeglasses, eyedrops, and surgery.

Our Ophthalmology Centre is a top destination for eye diagnostics, care, and treatment conducted by our eye specialists led by Dr. Dinesh. We offer comprehensive diagnostic approaches for effective eye treatments. An array of world-class treatments such as Lasik Laser Surgeries, Corneal Transplants, Neuro-ophthalmology and Nonsurgical eye treatments are conducted and provided respectively at our Advanced centre for eyes.

For all your eye problems, meet our eye specialist- Dr. Dinesh Garg, an enormously trained and experienced ophthalmologist in India.


Advanced Centre for eyes believes in providing complete nursing care 24 X 7 to its patients Dr. Garg and his experienced team keep themselves dedicated towards the well being of patients.

Indoor Facilities: ACE is Fully Air Conditioned and is equipped with indoor facilities like
Proper sitting arrangements for patients
Clean Drinking Water
Spacious and Neat and Clean Ward room
Rooms equipped with all Modern facilities like LCD, refrigerator, Sofa and Adjustable Beds
24-Hours Security
24-Hour Power Backup

Our Primary Objective Is Patient Satisfaction at An Affordable Cost

Our Primary Objective is Patient Satisfaction at an Affordable Cost

Through our advanced specialized approaches, we are able to provide approved and standard Ophthalmology treatments and surgeries to all our patients. With a dedicated team led by Dr. Dinesh Garg, one of India’s leading Ophthalmologist, patients are assured of satisfactory treatments for better vision. Some of our major concerns include:

Professional patient handling– We are able to provide a transparent treatment course to every patient. There are no defaults in our treatment approaches

Approved Surgical Efficacy– Through the utilization of breakthrough techniques we are able to conduct safe and productive ophthalmology surgeries for the best vision

Follow-up– We keep track of all patient treatments to alter any treatment course correctly


State-of-the-Art Ophthalmology Centre

Comprehensive and proper eye examinations require a specialized eye set-up instrument designed and approved for Ophthalmologic purposes. Our Advanced Centre for Eyes is a state-of-the-art facility with excellently aligned ophthalmologic machines and instruments for proper diagnostic purposes, eye examination purposes, surgical purposes, and treatment efficacy.

Our team of enormously trained and experienced ophthalmologists utilizes the latest devices and equipment such as:
A Retinal Camera-it is one of the basic instruments in the ophthalmology sphere. The retinal camera enables the doctor to view the back of the eye including the retina.

A Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope– It is a unique device used to examine interior structures of the eye.

Slit Lamp– this is a unique device in the form of a microscope with an attached light that enables the doctor to examine your eyes carefully and closely.
Capsulotomy Forceps – It is a specialized device for tearing the anterior capsule of the lens during a cataract surgery other devices include:

  • Iris Forceps
  • Wire Speculum
  • Tonometer
  • Autorefractometer
  • Manual Keratometer
  • Retinoscope


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Visual Acuity refers to the sharpness and power of the eyes (clarity of vision). Ophthalmologically, each eye has a specific visual acuity that can’t be combined to give a general visual acuity for both eyes. Get a vision check up.

The PET scan is a simple procedure that induces no pressure or discomfort in the eye. Therefore, as long as you feel comfortable and stabilized, you can have a PET scan at any time after a cataract surgery.

The different forms of conjunctivitis include allergic, viral, bacterial, and vernal. The Bacterial conjunctivitis is less likely to occur or develop bilaterally, meaning it commonly affects one eye.

Hyphema is a condition where a patient has blood in the eye or both that commonly occur due to injuries. Immediate treatment includes sleeping with an elevated head, use eyedrops (cyclopentolate dilating eyedrops and prednisolone steroid eyedrops).


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