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What is Artificial eye ?

An artificial eye is a replacement for a natural eye lost because of injury or disease. Although the replacement cannot provide sight, it fills the cavity of the eye socket and serves as a cosmetic enhancement. Before the availability of artificial eyes, a person who lost an eye usually wore a patch. An artificial eye can be attached to muscles in the socket to provide eye movement.
Something that is often not considered at the beginning of an eye loss, but which becomes an important factor after surgery, is how one is going to look and deal with an ocular prosthesis (artificial eye), and most importantly the Ocularist you select to fit your prosthesis. In most cases your ophthalmic surgeon will refer you to an Ocularist they have confidence in. Having your doctor's guidance at this time is very important to your ultimate result. If your doctor is not acquainted with an Ocularist, we invite you to consult with our staff before you decide where to have your ocular prosthesis fit.

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