Blade – free Lasik Laser and Refractive Surgeries


Have you been thinking of laser vision correction? Shed your doubts, concerns, SPECTACLES and CONTACT LENSES, because blade free LASIK has arrived. With this technology, laser vision correction procedure has become blade-free and safer than traditional LASIK.

Refractive surgery is the term used to describe laser procedures that correct common vision problems to eliminate your dependence on prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. We specialize in LASIK eye surgery and Laser treatment for other eye related problems too.

Why choose Blade free LASIK?

  • Blade free procedure; uses a laser to create corneal flap instead of a mechanical metallic blade
  • Personalized treatment for any kind of refractive error
  • Safer than standard LASIK
  • Treats patients with high refractive errors and thin corneas too.

In any LASIK procedure the first step is to create a corneal flap. In standard LASIK the surgeon uses a hand-held oscillating blade called microkeratome to cut the corneal flap. The flap is then folded and the Excimer laser treats the cornea to correct the refractive error.

In blade free LASIK, femtosecond laser has replaced the steel blade for creation of the corneal flap which improves visual outcome and post-operative comfort for the patient.

When you opt for advanced blade free LASIK procedure you get a completely integrated, personalized vision correction procedure based on cutting edge technology at every step. NASA recommends blade free LASIK to aspiring astronauts to get rid of their specs, as it can withstand high gravitational forces and has been found to be stable and secure even in extreme environmental conditions.

Find out if LASIK is right for you

For people with nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) or astigmatism, LASIK surgery could be the key to a life free of bulky spectacles or contact lenses. But not everybody is a suitable candidate for this type of laser eye surgery. Here are the few main questions a LASIK surgeon is likely to ask you during a consultation.

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How stable is your vision prior to LASIK?

No matter your age, it’s important for your eyesight to have stabilized for at least a year before you have laser surgery.

What is your current eye prescription?

In terms of refraction (i.e. spectacle degree), the main limitation to LASIK is the patient’s cornea thickness. This means that even patients who have high myopia or astigmatism can undergo LASIK as long as their cornea is sufficiently thick.

Do you understand the risks of laser surgery and have realistic expectations?

Advanced centre for eyes is equipped with trained and experienced eye specialists to help the patients in dealing of respective issues with specialization and care with advanced Blade-free LASIK surgery. This laser eye treatment creates flap in Blade-free LASIK which reduces risk of an irregular flap. You can trust our renowned eye specialists for Lasik eye surgery which is one of the Lasik Treatment in India.