Some precautions to be taken with contact lenses

Although many contact lens wearers don’t let things go that far, many feel guilty of bending the rules and taking a risk with eyes. Some people start treating their lenses in a very casual way because they have been wearing it for the longest time. They have to be used with caution. Read on to […]

Why does the need for getting a eye check up arise?

Many conditions like diabetics, cataract, etc can develop without showing any symptoms, hence it gets etremely important to enlighten yourself about these conditions and look after eye health.. Many people suggest that young children’s eyes should also be checked. In the tech savvy world that we are living in these days, an age where childen […]

Checkout How Diabetes Can Affect Your Vision

A very wide array of people is affected by diabetes now-a-days. Diabetes major causes are genes and unhealthy lifestyle. One of the most delicate and necessary body parts of human beings- eyes are severely affected by it in different aspects like: 1. blurry vision : this is the initial symptom patient can start observing , […]