5 Most Common Causes of Infected Eye

5 Most Common Causes of Infected Eye

If you are experiencing some pain, swelling and itching in the eyes, accompanied or redness, you are suffering from an eye infection. Eye infections can be of three specific types: viral, bacterial, or fungal. According to the eye doctor, infections are easy to spot, therefore you can get yourself treated as soon as you feel them coming. You can visit the eye hospital if you find yourself in such a condition. We aim to discuss the 5 most common eye infections in this article

  1. 1. Conjunctivitis/pink eye

Infectious conjunctivitis, also called the pink eye, is a common eye infection. It strikes the blood vessels of the conjunctiva, or the thin membrane surrounding the eyeball. It is characterized by the color of the eyes changing to pink or red, accompanied by inflammation. Allergies or exposure to chemicals like chlorine in the swimming pools, can also cause the condition.

If Conjunctivitis has been caused by a bacteria or virus, it is extremely contagious and can spread even after two weeks after the infection.

For treating it, you must use Antibiotic eye drops, or oral medications if it is bacterial. In case it is viral, application of a clean, warm, wet cloth to your eyes will help.

  1. Keratitis

Infectious Keratitis also occurs due to bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic influence on the eye or due to an eye injury. Keratitis shows up as redness and swelling in your eye, eye pain and production of an unusual amount of tears. It can be treated by using antibacterial eye drops, antifungal eye drops or oral antiviral medications depending on the type of  Keratitis.

  1. Endophthalmitis

It is a severe inflammation of the internal portion of the eye due to bacterial or fungal infection. It is commonly seen after eye surgeries, cataract surgery, or penetration of the eye by an object. Symptoms include eye pain, partial or complete loss of vision, redness or swelling around the eye and eyelids. It can be treated by antibiotic injections directly in the eye or corticosteroid shots.

  1. Blepharitis

This condition shows inflammation in the eyelids and the skin folds which cover your eyes. It clogs the oil glands inside the eyelids. Blepharitis is usually caused by bacteria. Its symptoms include redness, itchiness, and swelling in the eyes and the eyelids, oiliness in the eyelids and a burning sensation in the eyes. Treatment includes cleaning the eyelids with clean warm water and gently pressing a clean, warm, wet, towel to your eyelids for reducing swelling. Using corticosteroid eye drops or ointments and lubricating eye drops and taking antibiotics are also suggested.

  1. Sty

A sty is a bump like structure that develops on the outer edges of the eyelids. When the oil glands located in this area get clogged with dead skin or oils, bacteria start breeding in them. It can be treated using antibiotic ointments and medication.