What is ARMD?

Age- Related macular degeneration or ARMD is the degeneration of your macula which is the central part of the retina (light sensitive screen at the back of your eye) that allows you see fine details. It is of two types: dry and wet.

A simple, inexpensive eye check up with a fundus camera and OCT could help protect your eyes and give you the best chance of retaining your good vision.

Don’t let Macular Degeneration take away the centre of your world
Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is one of the leading causes of
blindness and affects the central vision.

What causes ARMD?

In dry ARMD, the cells that make up your macula break down over a period of time as you age causing the thinning of your macula.
There is abnormal growth of new blood vessels beneath your retina which may leak fluid or blood in wet ARMD.

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Risk factors for developing A.RMD are:

  • Increasing age.
  • Family History of ARMD.
  • Smoking.
  • Obesity.
  • Females.
  • High Cholesterol or blood pressure.

What are the symptoms of ARMD?

  • Gradual painless decrease in your central vision or even a blind spot.
  • Requirement of increasingly brighter light for doing close work with haziness of printed words.
  • Reduced brightness of colors.
  • Difficulty in adapting to low light levels like a dimly lit room.
  • Visual distortions like straight lines appearing wavy.
  • Hallucinations of animals, people or shapes in advanced stages.
  • Distortion of straight lines in your field of vision.
  • Central vision loss.
  • The need for bright lighting.
  • Blurriness.
  • Trouble recognizing faces.

What is the treatment for ARMD?

For dry ARMD, apart from the use of anti-oxidant medicines, no other treatment is available.

For wet ARMD,

  • Medications which are injected directly into your eye.
  • Laser Photocoagulation to destroy abnormal, leaky blood vessels.
  • Photodynamic Therapy in which a laser activates a drug which is injected in your arm. The drug
  • Collects in the abnormal blood vessels and damages them.
  • Surgery for implantation of a telescopic lens in one eye.

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Does diet have any role to play in ARMD?

Studies have shown that diets rich in green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and fish oil can decrease your risk of ARMD. Also, Foods Rich in Antioxidants like lutein, vitamin C and Vitamin E can help prevent ARMD. Also ensure that your diet consists of more foods having a low glycemic index (more of lentils, soybeans and yoghurt which increase your blood sugar gradually) rather than potatoes and white bread.

My doctor told me I have dry ARMD. Is it the better of the two?

Yes dry ARMD usually affects vision less severely than wet ARMD. The progress of vision loss is also slower than the wet type. However, fry type can lead wet ARMD.

I ARMD curable?

No, it is not curable. Vision once lost cannot be regained. However, with treatment, you can slow or even stop the progress of the wet type. That is why early diagnosis is better.

How can I prevent ARMD?

  • Undergo routine eye exams.
  • Control other diseases like high blood pressure.
  • Choose a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Quit Smoking.

My father suffer from ARMD. Does it mean I will get it too?

It does not mean that you will get ARMD for sure. But it definitely signifies that you have a greater risk. There is another type of macular degeneration wherein more than one young member of the family can be affected. Regular eye check-ups can help detect this at an early stage.

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