Different Causes of Cataract Surgery

This cataract surgery is beneficial to get rid of cataract problems. This condition usually experienced by old age people which makes them blind. So, if you or your relative is suffering from this condition, then you need to visit the eye doctor, so that you can get the suitable treatment. Cataracts are explained as blindness […]

What are the causes of Red Eye Problem?

Red eye is described as red and bloodshot eyes which are painless. They develop when near the eye surface the blood vessels get enlarged and dilated. In some cases, it becomes very irritating and inflamed so you should seek help from the doctor right away. Read the given topic to know its causes. Some of […]

Simple Tips to Handle Eye Injuries

Eyes are the most features of the human personality. The gift to see the world and nature around the place is the biggest blessing. But, in some cases, people deal with eye injuries or other eye problems. Read the given topic as we have shared simple tips that will help to handle eye injury. Eye […]

Relationship between Smoking and Eye Vision

If you are a regular smoker then you need to understand how harmful this is for your health. You may only know about lungs or kidney problems, but this drug also affects your vision as well. In order to get more detailed information about smoking and eye vision. Smoking is the most dangerous drug for […]

Why You Must Not Ignore diabetic Retinopathy

Eyes are an important part of your body. So, you have to take care of it properly. If you notice any type of problem-related to your eyes then you must visit the eye hospital for a proper check-up. Or you must read this article at the end so that you can get the proper knowledge […]

Tips to Recover Faster Post-Lasik Surgery

What’s better than taking off the glasses and not having the need to wear them again. This freedom you can get with LASIK eye surgery. The surgery is pain-free and minimally invasive. Proper planning will help you recover from the surgery. Read the given topic to know the essential recovery tips. Recovering faster following the […]

Some precautions to be taken with contact lenses

Although many contact lens wearers don’t let things go that far, many feel guilty of bending the rules and taking a risk with eyes. Some people start treating their lenses in a very casual way because they have been wearing it for the longest time. They have to be used with caution. Read on to […]

Why does the need for getting a eye check up arise?

Many conditions like diabetics, cataract, etc can develop without showing any symptoms, hence it gets etremely important to enlighten yourself about these conditions and look after eye health.. Many people suggest that young children’s eyes should also be checked. In the tech savvy world that we are living in these days, an age where childen […]

Checkout How Diabetes Can Affect Your Vision

A very wide array of people is affected by diabetes now-a-days. Diabetes major causes are genes and unhealthy lifestyle. One of the most delicate and necessary body parts of human beings- eyes are severely affected by it in different aspects like: 1. blurry vision : this is the initial symptom patient can start observing , […]