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Different Causes Of Myopia in children

Eye Care

Different Causes of Myopia in Children

Eye problems are not only common in children, but also experienced by several adults due to poor eye care habits. If you are also suffering from any type of eye problem, then you must visit the doctor as soon as possible. He will tell you what to do to get rid of eye problems easily. […]

Why is too much screen time is bad for your kid?

Today’s children have grown with vast options of electronic devices. It is very difficult for them to imagine life without tablets, smartphones, and the internet. No doubt, it can provide educational content but spending unlimited time on the mobile or computer screen is harmful. This guide will give you a better understanding of this topic. […]

How to know you have night blindness?

Night blindness is vision impairment which is also referred to as nyctalopia. Individuals with night blindness have poor vision at night. Additionally, it can be more difficult for you to drive or see in darkness. In this guide, we have focused on the points to make you understand if you have night blindness or not. […]

Everything about swollen Eye lids you must know

At times due to stress or not getting enough sleep the eyes can look swollen. But, if the swollen eyelids are causing pain or trouble then you need to consult health care professionals. In some cases, the swollen eyelids might not show symptoms. In this guide, we have mentioned in detail about the swollen eyelids. […]

Eye Tumors : Symptoms

Eye tumors can be secondary tumors that spread from the other body parts like lung, bowel, prostate, or breast. The primary tumors which can occur in the eye itself are retinoblastoma in children and melanoma in adults. In this guide, we are going to mention the symptoms of eye tumors. Eye tumors Eye tumors are […]

Corneal Haze : Symptoms and Causes

The cornea is an important part of the eye as it helps to focus and close the eyelids. A healthy cornea is vital for eye health. But, there is one problem which has become common i.e. corneal haze. In this guide, we are going to discuss in brief the causes and symptoms of corneal haze. […]

How good are carrots for eyes?

Parents will always tell their kids what is best for them which includes what they need to eat. The kids need to focus on their health. Parents often tell the kids to eat carrots for their vision health. If you are not aware of this, read the given topic for better understanding Eating the right […]

Different Ways to Improve Your Eyesight

Able to see things every day is a blessing. Well, for a proper vision is it important to keep in mind certain things which we mentioned in this topic. Make sure that you visit the doctor for regular checkups so that if there is any problem or illness it is diagnosed at the right time. […]

What is a blind Spot And how to spot yours?

Are you aware of the fact that you have a blind spot in the eyes? Normally, you do not even realize you have. But, yes there are some ways in which these blind spots can come to light. In this topic, we are going to tell what it is and how to find it. Introduction […]

Relationship between Ultraviolet Radiation and Your Eyes

What is UV? UV stands for “Ultraviolet Radiation” which the sun emits. The most common types which can result in serious effects are UVA & UVB to eyes and skin. There are certain factors which will determine how much risk is caused: Geographic location Time of day Altitude Additional factors that increase the risk are […]