Causes of Sharp Pain in the Eye

Causes of Sharp Pain in the Eye

Sudden or sharp pain occurs in the debris in or around the eye. This will result in burning, aching, or stabbing feeling in the eye. In some cases, sharp pain reason can be something serious. In this guide, we are going to tell you the different causes of sharp pain in the eye.

Causes: Sharp pain in the eye

Pain in the eye is due to different conditions or irritants. In case you are suffering from eye pain and if rinsing the eye does not make it go away then you get the eye examination by an eye doctor right away.

Debris in eye

This is the most common reason for sharp pain and occurs when something gets into the eye like dirt, dust, or foreign substance. If you feel something in the eyes then wash it with water or saline solution.

If still pain is there then visit the eye hospital right away as you might have scratched the eye which needs medical assistance.

Contact lens issue

In some cases, eye pain can be when you wear contacts. If the vision is blurry then the contact lens will get shifted or get folded in the eye.

If the contact lens is visible when you see in the mirror then after washing the hands remove it.

In case it is not visible then wash the eyes with saline solution and roll the eyes till the time contact lens does not get shifted to the desired place from where you can remove it easily on the eye.

Cluster headache

The cluster headache will affect eye functionality. This affects only one side and the problem is there for 15 minutes to 3 hours. Its symptoms include:

  • Red-eye
  • Droopy eye or eyelid
  • Swelling or sharp pain
  • Tearing in the eye

The headache is prevented by giving the medications. In this problem, the patient keeps a note on the headache to see the patterns and what results in this problem.


This problem affects the eye optic nerve. Statistics have shown that globally around 60.5 million people are suffering from this condition.

A medical emergency is there when the issue is acute angle-closure as it can trigger blindness in a few days. Seek help right away if:

  • Severe eye pain
  • Vomiting
  • Blurry vision
  • Visual disturbance


This is a combination of the inflammatory problem which affects the eye part known as the uvea. This is the eye middle layer which involves choroid, ciliary body, and iris. The reason behind this condition is:

  • Autoimmune malfunction
  • Toxins introduced to the eye
  • Infections
  • Eye trauma


In most cases the problem is treatable but if the symptoms do not subside then consider medical attention.