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Simple tips to handle eye injuries

Simple Tips to Handle Eye Injuries

Simple Tips to Handle Eye Injuries

Eyes are the most features of the human personality. The gift to see the world and nature around the place is the biggest blessing. But, in some cases, people deal with eye injuries or other eye problems. Read the given topic as we have shared simple tips that will help to handle eye injury.

Eye injury can be quite difficult to deal with. Even a simple scratch on the eye be quite serious and it might lead to vision loss or permanent baldness. According to research every year around 2.4 million people suffer from an eye injury. Along with that due to injury people suffer from loss of sight.

It is important to seek the help of an eye doctor right away whether the injury occurred in the workplace, while playing sports, or doing some household work. Taking immediate action will help to prevent future complications.

Consulting the doctor

In the following situations you need to visit an eye specialist:

  • Pain or cannot see properly.
  • A cut or torn eyelid
  • Pupil shape is unusual
  • Blood is noticeable in the eye
  • The eye movement is different as compared to others.
  • One eye protrudes as compared to other

Important Consideration

Eye injury can occur because of different reasons. It becomes important to know the first aid which is needed right away before you can visit the doctor.

  • If there is some kind of particle in the eye, never rub the eye. You should wash the eye properly with water so that particle washes away. In case the redness and irritation do not go away then seek medical help.
  • In case there is cut or puncture in the eye then also do not rub the eye. Also, do not remove the object on your own. Seek medical attention right away.
  • Chemical burns are extremely dangerous. Open the eye as wide as possible and take water to flush out the chemicals right away. Make sure you wash it with water for at least 15 minutes and seek doctor help right away. If the burn is caused by basic or caustic solution then even on your way to seek the help of the doctor flush the eye with water.
  • If there is a blow to the eye then cold compress should be used gently, pressure should not be applied. If that does not help then talk with the doctor.
  • Immediate medical help is needed in case of bleeding, trouble seeing, or discoloration of the eye. Taking appropriate action will reduce the complications and the problem will be treated easily.

It is important to understand what needs to be done at a specific time. Whenever eye injury occurs you need to take proper care. Around 90% of eye injuries can be avoided if you wear the right protective eyewear.