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Some precautions to be taken with contact lenses

Some precautions to be taken with contact lenses

Although many contact lens wearers don’t let things go that far, many feel guilty of bending the rules and taking a risk with eyes. Some people start treating their lenses in a very casual way because they have been wearing it for the longest time.

They have to be used with caution. Read on to know how to take care of them :

Clean them with a proper solution

If you do not use the proper solution to keep contact lenses clean and moist, you can get an eye infection.

Bacterial infections spread quickly, which thereby result in corneal ulcers and in turn blindness.

Be savvy about storage.

You should know the proper tactics of storing them. They are to be stored in the proper storage case after rubbing and rinsing with sterile contact lens solution.

Know your part

The coloured contact lenses are no playing matter. Please don’t forget that coloured or ‘costume’ contact lenses are medical devices, they are just as dangerous as other contact lenses, and all those who wear them should follow the same safety procedures.

Maintain hygiene

Always wash your hands before touching contact lenses. don’t just wash your hands before cleaning and storing lenses, they have to be dried with a clean lint freecloth.