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What are the causes of the Red Eye Problem?

What are the causes of Red Eye Problem?

What are the causes of Red Eye Problem?

Red eye is described as red and bloodshot eyes which are painless. They develop when near the eye surface the blood vessels get enlarged and dilated. In some cases, it becomes very irritating and inflamed so you should seek help from the doctor right away. Read the given topic to know its causes.

Some of the top reasons which lead to the problem of red-eye:

  • Dry eye Syndrome

One of its common reason is dry eye syndrome which means there are no natural tears to keep the eye lubricated. This can make the eye irritated and red. The problem occurs by working on the computer for too long, not getting enough sleep. Or wearing contact lenses for too long. Hormonal changes can also make the eye irritated and dry. Make sure to seek the help of the eye doctor to avoid further complications.

What you can do?

The best choice is to instill lubricant eye drops which you can buy them from the drugstore and use it throughout the day.

  • Uveitis

This is an inflammation of the eyes which leads to redness, pain, blurry vision, light sensitivity, and floaters. With time the symptoms can get worse.

What you can do?

It is important to get its treatment quickly before the complication increases like choroidal scarring or uveitic glaucoma.

  • Using eye drops too often

Surprisingly using eye drops frequently can make the eye look more red. The chronic use of eye drops can lead to rebound dilation of the blood vessels present in eyes which can make the eyes appear bloodshot. So, consult the eye specialist first before instilling anything into the eye.

  • Injury

Redness can also occur because of eye injury. It might be possible that while applying mascara you stick the wand into the eye or wiping away the eye with a sharp fingernail. Due to injury if there is red-eye then it means something is wrong. Visit your doctor to get the treatment for the problem and they will also let you know if you need eye surgery.

  • Episcleritis

Another reason is episcleritis which is inflammation of a thin clear tissue layer between the sclera and conjunctiva. This can lead to irritation and eye pain along with redness.

What you can do?

The problem won’t go away on its own as there is a need for topical steroids to treat it.

  • Pink eye

Pink eye is also referred to as conjunctivitis. This is inflammation or infection which occurs on the protective layer which covers the eye front part. This can lead to bacteria, viruses, toxic substances, or allergies.

What you can do?

The problem is treated with antibiotics. So, make sure you seek medical help right away.