What is a blind Spot And how to spot yours?

What is a blind Spot And how to spot yours?

Are you aware of the fact that you have a blind spot in the eyes? Normally, you do not even realize you have. But, yes there are some ways in which these blind spots can come to light. In this topic, we are going to tell what it is and how to find it.


When you are driving and you are ready to switch the lanes as you think the lane is clear. But, when you double-check there is a car driving next to you. This a simple way to check blind spots which are also known as a scotoma. Let’s understand it in detail.

What is a blind spot?

A blind spot is a small area on the retina that respond to the light which does not have detected vision. People think that it is a physical issue, but actually, this is a normal part of the vision.

The blind spot is not able to find the light on the optic disc which makes the connecting part of the vision field invisible.

You should talk to your eye doctor if you are experiencing such an issue as they will let you know certain exercises that can help to reduce the blind spot size.

What is the way to find a blind spot?

Every eye has a blind spot which is located 12 to 15° temporally and roughly it is 5.5° wide and 7.5° high. Inside the eye, it is present on the top of the optic nerve. You can find the blind spot in a few minutes by doing a simple experiment. Here’s what you need: White paper and a black pen. If you want you can see a blind spot test online.

  • On paper, mark an X on the left side.
  • Mark an O at 5 ½ inches from the X. They should be horizontal.
  • Cover or close the right eye.
  • With the left eye, look at the O and X will disappear. If not, then move the sheet until it does not disappear.

In case you are experiencing a problem or any other eye-related issue then make sure that you visit the eye hospital to get the proper eye examination.

When should I seek medical help?

The blind spot is a normal part of the vision. If you are not sure or want to confirm that you have a blind spot then talk to the professionals. Ask these questions:

  • Is the blind spot going to affect my vision?
  • Are there any other symptoms with the blind spot?
  • Is the problem of flashing light linked with it?
  • Is it going to affect by one or both eyes?

If you are facing a problem make sure you do not avoid seeking medical help because immediate treatment is necessary.