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Why does the need for getting a eye check up arise?

Why does the need for getting a eye check up arise?

Many conditions like diabetics, cataract, etc can develop without showing any symptoms, hence it gets etremely important to enlighten yourself about these conditions and look after eye health..

Many people suggest that young children’s eyes should also be checked. In the tech savvy world that we are living in these days, an age where childen are seen watching rhymes on you tube or playing games on their parents phones, it makes sense to get their eye check up done.

Listed below are some risk factors for eye diseases.

There are many factors that put your vision at a risk. Pregnant women, people having diabetics, hypertension, should be very careful about their eyesight. Look out for these points and keep in mind while going to an eye specialist.

You squint quite a lot.

If you find it difficult to read without keeping the book closer to your face, it’s likely that it’s time for you to eyes get checked, incase you don’t have spectacles at present, then you might be asked to wear else, if you are wearing, then maybe, your number has increased.

Bright Flashes And Floaters

We have seen ‘floaters’ in our field of vision. Many times they perfectly normal. But, when your sight becomes filled with them, you should definitely schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Non stop Headaches

Haeadaches can be caused by number of things, but if vision is changing, that is often the first sign of problem. Eye strain, when viewing computer screens, becomes quite common as eyes age and so dot he headaches associated with them